Ça a commencé tôt!

Vincent van Gogue - une caravane dans le paysage près d'Arles
On se dit que c’est depuis les dernières années que les caravanneurs envahissent nos paysages. Mais non! Justement c’est depuis très longtemps. Et en plus, c’est – eau irony – un Néerlandais qui nous le montre. Voici une peinture de Vincent Vanne Gogue, qui nous montre des caravanes dans son temps. Au moins, il n’y avait pas encore de Maserati pour se faire bloquer la route.


2 commentaires

  1. For God’s sake, just use your own beautiful French language. Your English is too bad to read! I My wife and I are one of those Dutch people who visit your country nearly each year by caravan, driving at an average speed of 100 – 110 km/h on the motorways and everywhere else at a speed that is safe and acceptable to every other cardriver. We love your country, even drive a French car, and each year we bring lots of money that serve the Frenh economy. So look at the briight side! We help your economy to survive in these difficult years.
    After all, we cannot help it that you live in such a beautiful country!

    Kind regards,


  2. I can understand Englisch and wright it also because many Hollandais do not understand Français. I know! I work on camping some time, before. They come in caravan with own food and sit with other Hollandais always and speak only Hollandais and sometime Englisch or Allemand. So on this blog I try Englisch so every Hollandais can understand.

    It is true, you can not help I live in such a beautifull country. But you can help make it more beautifull by not blogging the view from my Maserati with big ugly caravane.

    I have idea for you: leave caravan in hivernage in France, on camping, or with farmer in grange. Next time, you come France with only your good France car, you don’t drive so long on our road with caravane. Pay money to farmer to keep caravane safe, save money on péage and essence.

    French farmer need money in hard times today more than BP and Péage.

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